Saturday, July 11, 2009

MY HYPNOTISM (Hanseder Prati )

By Subhash Ghosh

Exactly what it is -- already it was dark when I left my room – I cannot guess. A few steps only and suddenly my legs stop: Geese -- geese behind me, geese before me, geese all around, millions of geese; what a scene of geese! I cannot move; I see their wings, feathers: the whiteness of their feathers covers footpaths, streets, garages, tram lines; every corner they cover. The geese move their heavy reddish legs: everywhere I can hear their rhythmic footsteps. They flock together, they make a gathering; what a lot. These geese eat red lotus, pluck them: pluck and eat and throw the petals to each other. They brush their bodies with the lotus; they brush and take a rest. A white fire like mercury slips over the footpaths, houses, cars, garages, and squares. These unclaimed, white feathered, resting geese over the red lotus make my thought process stop; it becomes barricaded, my eyes tied by a kinkless wire to the Nadir and Zenith points. Even the unmindful lamp post guards in fear. Geese pluck lotus and eat, eat and pluck. I cannot understand why they are so despotic, these unclaimed geese!
Suddenly I whistle; only the geese hear; their bodies shiver, necks straighten, ears become alert; they open their red lips slightly; then and there a gigantic turbine begins to roar within my head.
Even the hairs of my body get excited: hairs become burning flame on my head. I hang my handkerchief over by breast and I begin to tremble, tremble in my hands and legs. Only they, only the geese, see my handkerchief (specially designed and coloured), straighten their necks, shake their wings and feathers. A faint call emanates from their throats. They are with the SOUND, with the CALL – the one I heard 12, 13 years back, back in the days of my puberty when I got a sickness in the blood – this call of the past, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13-years, awakes the whole sphere of my limbs, penis, penis-ends, the physio-libido system, silver fire, houses, roads, rows, and squares. My limbs, head throb; my blood pressure rises. I see these innumerable geese, wings and feathers. I begin to wave my handkerchief around my head; the mad handkerchief waves like a pointsman’s signalling flag, moves from east to west, from west to north, from north to south, on all sides and in all direction. The unmindful, frightened lamp posts begin to turn; they break into a thousand parts when dashed against the hidden waterhill. I see all around me by my search light. My hands continually signal. The geese straighten their white necks; each has turned its head from the red lotus, and I become restless in this sudden discovery. Looking at the handkerchief, they stir their lips and necks; they swell their wings and feathers. The turbine which has stopped earlier begins again its turmoil within my head.
I take the blue bottle from my pocket and spray the fluid over each and every geese; at once their bodies become limp. They begin to approach my shadow, as if hypnotized; they assemble around my shadow. My hands attempt to lengthen and try to catch them, one by one. But I control myself and begin to advance like a flute-piper; the hypnotized geese follow me. The flying handkerchief signal spreads. From time to time I see my trodden path by the searchlight. Each geese follows my footprints, follows my; they advance, and in my hand the restless fling of a pointsman.
We do not know when we come under the great sky. I see nothing but the white flames. The green grasses are burning. The geese quack in chocked voices. In the white fire they burn their past, stir their wings, and take off their clothes. And the turbine in the head roars higher. Now and then I see the geese at my back, the handkerchief flying overhead. Suddenly my eyes are captured by a pond of lotus: like a lodestone it attracts me. Gradually I approach it; the geese follow me, dumb and blind. On the four sides of the pond of lotus monument size “Shibalingas” grows. Within moments they become dense. And once again I see the geese behind me. They too become restless, seeing the pond of lotus. I take quick steps to the other side of the pond; I move the handkerchief; following the rhythmic signal of it the geese steps into water of the pond. They eat lotus, they pluck lotus, they plunder lotus. They make as much turmoil in the water as they like. I see their drunken wings to the farthest corner of the pond. They worship the blind god. They throw all their ornaments in the red fire of the lotus, unhesitatingly. The turbine in my head roars ten times louder. Then, seeing their undisciplined manners, I am taken by the idea that in how many way, in how many maximum ways, how many and how many maximum eggs I may have from them and getting these eggs I shall make them featherless, sickly, pale and when shall I drag them by their necks out of the lotus pond? Only determination begins to grow gradually with a waterfall-sound, in the turbine blades.

Subhash Ghosh :A prose writer and a founder member of Hungry Generation Movement in Bengali Literature. Has several books.29 April 1999 was his last day of his life.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

subhankar45 sent you a video: "Graffiti Research Lab L.A.S.E.R Tag"

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Awesome video from the boys at graffiti research labs. Projecting graffiti with a laser pointer on the side of a building... CRAZY

The song is Don Carlos - Pass Me The Laser Beam

and heres how it works

"In its simplest form the Laser Tag system is a camera and laptop setup, tracking a green laser point across
the face of a building and generating graphics based on the laser's position which then get projected back
onto the building with a high power projector."
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901 Cherry Ave, San Bruno, CA 94066

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Sorceress 2

By Sreedhar Mukhopadhyay

At the dead of the night, just when I
rouse from my shaken sleep;
with a sleeping baby in your arms,
in a highway motel at Malda.
Yours trying to be struck with sensitivity
over a cup of mildly raw tea.

Your golden-bordered maroon saree
which used to float in my dream
catches the colour play
--dark black slowly merges into the lemon-yellow.

The fire-drops of my too passionate desire
in my dark room melts the silver hands
of the ancestral clock;
and right then, your bus starts.

The more Kolkata is left behind with its
aromatic flavor, the more you are up to the snowy touch.

Oh! My dear Sorceress,
before cursing me, think at least for once,
how many times the combined stupor of you two
wrecked my broken ship.
Think how many times my grandpa returned
though hay way down, only to buy
a diamond rose pin for my beloved.

And me too, how many times have arrived
at the heart of black fire, in the venture of
collecting the seminal fluid of your fresh flower
in a trance.

I have been transfigured into the symbol of the
silence of those many lamps that floated down
the stream by people wishing long life for their loved ones.
In your journey you grow gradually distant
and fix me in the complex geometry of the galaxy
with a cerebral bonfire in me.
I know nothing right, but I’m sure to
trespass within you in the next morrow surely
and be as inseparable as the
feathers on the body of a duck.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Two Poems Of Sreedhar Mukhopadhyay

The Vegetable Lady

Vegetable Lady, you are all-enduring
It’s breakfast time now.

Your brimming sunlit body is now opening it’s eyes
secret diseases of the stale night will be healed soon.

You are not the damsel who copulates
with the donkey in a wine bottle.
In your expanding protoplasm I sleep, I dream, I wake up.

I do not collect souvenir for you in the Polynesian islands
I do not wait for you in front of the morgue.

You are the first virgin on earth without a tinge of sex and love.
To observe your quantum love-making with the sky
I lie awake for many a night.

“That moves. That does not move.
That is far off. That is very near.
That is inside all.
And that is outside all.”

Vegetable Lady
You will soak in rain all through the night.

The Night

Night, please do not leave us.

The yellow eggs will be hatched in sunlight
producing millions of immortal scorpions.
The young warrior who went to collect sacred weapon
from the Fire-River in the nether-world has not yet returned, yet.

Scientists are killing themselves.
There’s no energy left inside the womb of the earth for defense.
The magic power of incantations is vanishing fast.

The sick danger is vomiting, touching her face to the basin.
Soon she will be back on stage
covering up the tropical wounds on her breasts
under heavy cosmetics
she will dance to prolong the night.
Lascivious sixteen hundred girls are engaged to mislead the sun.

In the yellow egg the scorpions wake up from sleep.
We realize how fast the time is withering away.
Atom bombs are collapsing like flat balloons.
In no time our genitals are being transformed into incomplete flowers.

Blood is oozing out of the moon.

Oh Night! Become a mighty dictator, now.

Sreedhar Mukhopadhyay : Poet, Short story writer.Has seven books of poems and two books of short stories.

Friday, July 3, 2009

subhankar45 sent you a video: "Neda Agha Soltan, killed 20.06.2009, Presidential Election Protest, Tehran, IRAN"

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"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." -- Martin Luther King, Jr.
Neda Agha Soltan (ندا آقا سلطان) was shot to death on 20.06.2009 by security forces during a protest (against Iranian Presidential Election 2009) in IRAN.
Her name quickly became a rallying cry for the opposition who protested against Islamic Dictatorship
Roohash Shaad (peace be upon her)
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