Saturday, October 20, 2012

action, not behavior


it's better when words
too many clues
people think/believe
they understand

as a shaman
as an artist
as a poet

the truth is they mean

you have no reason for embellishments

do something
no one remembers

Jim Wittenberg

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

2 new poems By Catfish McDaris

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot

I got a job as a delivery man,
in my first week the last address
of the day was to a tavern on
a seldom used street

The door was open, but the
place was filled with shadows,
except for a bright spot light
radiating a pulsing red aura

A naked lady in sparkling stiletto
heels, built like a brick shithouse,
wearing a Scarlet O Hara hat, & a
smile jabbed me in the eyes with
her dynamite volcano nipples

“Do you have a package for me?”
she stared at my stone boner,
I could’ve jacked up a Thunderbird
with four flat tires, all I managed
was to shake my head, affirmatively

She led me to the back pool room
& I sunk the eight over & over again,
she poured me a single malt whiskey
& we played until my stick got tired.

Mountain Splashes Gone

Rainy mornings in your arms
the sky a purple bruise
cedar fire under blacken coffee pot
ponderosa pine & blue spruce shadows
velvet slopes & valleys

Anasazi ghosts dance above
crumbled adobe & stone kivas
shards of fading pottery
basalt flint arrowheads

Elk antlers locked
in battles never finished
skeletons bleached sun white

Streams sing to rocks naked
red dogwoods blush while cutthroat
trout wait for dragonflies.