Thursday, October 23, 2014

66 Lines On Your Soul

Now you can start pre-ordering our new chap book of poems '66 Lines On Your Soul' jointly By Catfish McDaris, Kevin Ridgeway and Subhankar Das. Mail us or contact the writers.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Coffee Break

Am I having the flu I thought?
As my muscles screamed in pain
and stiffness.
Who the fuck knew I am having
a coffee withdrawal.
No coffee at home for a week now.
Not trying to give up just did not have it for a while
as it has become too stiff.

Sometimes I also suffer from soul mate withdrawal
Though I very well know that it happens
only in best sellers and you hardly can sail
a real life situation.

One day I will get inside her world of fantasies
with a whip real hungry for her skin
and she will start loving her nightmares.

For now I feel great after a mug of black coffee dark as night

Painting By Jocelyne Desforges
Poem By Subhankar Das