Wednesday, April 29, 2009


It was 2004 after Bill Morgan and Bob Rosenthal left for New York we were invited to do a happening in the Alternative Theatre Festival in Kolkata. The whole happening was directed by Sharmy Pandey. It was an interactive performance session lasting for 6 hours with poetry readings, paintings, painters reacting with audio sessions of alternative Bengali writer’s sound track, reading their own stuff and one act plays and viewers writing on Graffiti’s paper wall. It all started in a dark room with burning incense sticks-Buddhist chants streaming in from a tape recorder and every body was invited to lie down inside the room. Slowly the aroma changed into an ammonia stench and the show begun lighting up candles and every one introducing them one by one. These are few pics of that event.

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  1. ok here you go, this is specially for you Roopkatha...