Thursday, May 7, 2009


By Sharmy Pandey


Sleep is an intoxicating reality
Dreams are left behind difficult sums in a notebook
Unsolved due to lack of help-book (made-easy)
Scattered emptiness is flying on the roll numbers
Submitting the paper of dreams only with a signature
Rules and regulation of a lifetime
and then one step to another
new revised dreambunch fill with chunk of questions
Black board is hanging on the eyeball
Merging sunlight to gradual deduction
Siribhanga khetrofal
Dust are falling in the eyes
Few drops of dead tears
Drawing the skyline like a chalk

Pictures on the wall
are moving to their own will
I'm reshuffling them with my gaze
My room has no door
A city is standing between us
A road map is hanging on the wall


Alone for a while
No words no nights no darkness
Sailing in a submarine for the frequencies of sound
Sinking silently for a long long time
Grasping for water light and wind
As if rooms of colourful memoirs
movement of a black dial
songs of a broken radio
Now the city will disappear by wiping away everything


Lying inside the vagina oh mother
to get smeared with juice and blood
I come back from the overwhelming influence of the computer mouse
I get up from the coolness of the mind
Living all the colours clean
My fingers are only to grow bigger
I hang from the strings of a guitar
In a dream water unties from a knot
And ultimately hangs in broken gravitation
As if in those few droplets lies
The fear for rain
I float like a diesel ash who craved to be a cloud
Thinking of giving birth to a jungle
I am painting a few fangs of grass on the sky

Transcreated from Bangla : SharmyPandey

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