Saturday, September 5, 2009

At Pashupatinath

By Nahshon Cook

The wind was breezy and full of light this morning,
when I was reminded by my heart
of how old ones are replaced by new ones
in order for Life to be on her way,
as I sat on the edge of one of the dove grey,
moon colored steps of the temple,
directly across from the red hot flames
on the other side of the holy river Bagmati,
and listened to howling, dog like cries
sound off from the homesick souls of dead people
watching their bodies be reduced to dust
by the golden, straw fed fires of funeral pyres
spewing out clouds of fog grey smoke
into the wide, blue-if-it’s-a-boy blue sky
like prayers for the courage to reach for heaven
as the sad, private, burnt pork roast smell
of burning, human flesh filled the air
like the caaw, caaw, caaw of the crow who, just now,
began preaching from the branch of a very tall tree,
right next to my hotel room window,
about how the magic of Reality is really a thing
with no birthplace, and nowhere to die.

-Kathmandu Nepal Oct, 23 2008

Nahshon Cook's poetry has appeared in two Cleo Parker Robinson Dance productions and a tribute to Dr. Maya Angelou in 2008. He has read his poetry at peace and interfaith conferences in Colorado which have included "Mysticism and Social Change", "A Celebration of Religious Freedom", and "Race, Gender and Class in the Building of the Beloved Community. His first collection of poetry A New Beginning will be published in January 2010 by "please” press.

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