Friday, June 4, 2010

Yet there's no pain

Federica Nightingale

Yet there’s no pain in your eyes,
dim is the strange breath I breathe,
coaching tears to fall,
tantalizing crooks of bread
instead of sharing.
Go ahead,
far away from my brow,
keep me safe from your narrow lips
The cherry-tree becomes so tender
beneath that low sky
Give me back my hopes
Give me back my proposals
I’m red and mature to be haunted,
you’re my tragedy and my forgiveness
to be accepted instead of mercy.
Yet there’s no pain in your eyes

Federica Nightingale was born in Turin (Italy).She is a poet and translator.


  1. Thank you so much Subhankar for sharing my work in this lovely space.


  2. I would be glad to reply if I only could read Chinese!


  3. Sure. It can happen when you know the heart better than the tongue.

  4. Credo che se andiamo avanti di questo passo non costruiamo proprio nulla. Non è un confronto possibile. Mi dispiace.

  5. Please post your comment in English and not in Chinese, though it looks beautiful we cannot read it.

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