Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Two Poems By Shankarnath Chakraborty

Groom Companion’s Song

Listen to discourses of suffering listen
listen hey discourses of suffering

Thereafter hang with tramcar wire
blow your nose at the marriage of goblin’s dad
climb on shoulders of widow witches and beat your drum
rotten tent of the sphynx
carrying along the lime
place it beneath the knife of postmortem room
breaking jaws with three blows
direct him walk on walk you son of a fool
break the old neck of Sindbad

Here at I could listen to whistle of the storm
earth mound of shore dismantles
pierced by harpoon of sub sea mountains
the ruffians of Dinabandhu Mitra stand waiting
boot-marks on back

Knowing everything Maxmuler shame on you

Ateesh Depankar Shrigyan

He found three puppies on his way
tied them at the end of his loincloth
started his journey, again

Completeness of knowledge was possible

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