Sunday, August 9, 2009

Two Poems Of Samir Roychowdhury

Open ended

You said to women
come my way but don’t follow,
there starts deconstruction…
she said, there
is a safety pin left behind
by the Sannyasin in washroom…
But you said the Sannyasin left behind
an open safety pin
then unending mystery starts—
deconstruction follow.

Sannyasin – Sage

Human armour

Each word
Hring Hring look sun rises
a mantra.
Within seeds of words a sound
which carries meaning…
Utter Hri only then a deer visits
sun disappears—

The deer afraid of tiger
but creates the domain of escape
An escapade beyond the clutch;
Yes, Shiva with snakes around its neck,
wisdom flows from
his tousled matted hair, the
Counter text.

Samir Roychowdhury : b.1933. Editor: Haowa 49, author of 5 collections of poems, 4 books of essays and a short story collection. Associated with Hungry Generation Literary Movement.

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